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Welcome to my Web site!

Site for some of my Didgeridoo info and pictures both of didgeridoo, family, Crawford area, historical landmarks or fun stuff.

NOTE:  If you were looking for information about walnuts, heartnuts, butternuts, or other nut related stuff you want to go here:  Heartnutgrowers
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Below is my first you tube video I uploaded.  It is me playing the new Mago I bought from a friend.   Hope  you enjoy it.  I have been at this since early part of November 2006.  Kind of addicting.  Dial up, please push the pause until it is pretty much loaded, DSL you should be alright.  Takes a while... Is at youtube  as well.


This is about 2 miles just West of our place, so weather is pretty current.  Just click on the picture and get a better indication, or do a search for weather where you are.


  Trevor Nichols Weather Station - Fennville

Michigan Automated Weather - Fennville

The MSU Agricultural Research Station is about 1 mile NW of Fenn Valley Vineyards.  They log daily precipitation and temperatures.  For all practical purposes, they are the same.  A VERY wet area!!


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