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Welcome to my Web site!

This is a work in progress, so bear with me.  I was born and raised in Western Nebraska.  I grew up on a ranch near Crawford, NE owned by the Barnum family.  It was great having such open spaces to run around on as a kid and at times I really miss that part.  I win the lottery you know where you'll find me!  *grin*  Went to a country school about 1/4 mile from home.  1 room, no running water, so you have outside toilets.  Cold in the winter...brrrrr.  When  I graduated from 8th grade there were only 4 students all total, and 3 were related!  I spent 2 years at Crawford High School, in Crawford, Nebraska before moving down to Oshkosh, NE.

I graduated from Garden County High School in 1971, in the town of Oshkosh, NE.  With a town population of 1000 I wouldn't consider that any great step up into metropolis from the ranch.  When I moved to Seattle Washington to work for Boeing Airplane Company, now THAT was a major move into metropolis.  I loved to spend the weekend up in the Cascade Mountains near Seattle, panning for gold, hunting deer and elk in season, photographing nature or just seeing new places.  My Father retired from Boeing and still resides in Renton Wash.  One of my very close friends I had there  in Seattle, Bill Johnson, (and great photographer and shooter as well) worked with me at Boeing and went on to become the I.A.M.A.W.  Union President  (International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers) for many years.  Now retired, he enjoys his many hobbies.  Smith & Wesson.... don't leave home without it!

When I moved from Seattle, back to Nebraska I became a professional bee keeper.  You can get stung in that business, and what a sticky business that is!  LOL   I also worked in Crawford NE as the Waste Treatment Plant Manager and also as part time Police Officer.  I graduated from the Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island Nebraska and moved to Oshkosh where I was a Deputy Sheriff for 8 years.

I've done photography though the years from about 1960 onward.  I own 2 view cameras that shoot 4" X 5" sheet film and have roll film backs as well, a 6cm X 7cm negative size Koni Omega Rapid M,  a Nikon F3 film camera, various lenses for the view cameras and holders, along with a Nikon D50 digital camera.  Scenes on the photo page were all shot by me, except the one I am in the picture with James, Niki and Samantha.  Some of the work I have had published include photo shoot for the brochure of the Nebraska Historical Society Museum at Fort Robinson, NE,  brochures photos for Hornung Trailer Manufacturing, and an article with pictures of Nebraska's first Elk season hunt published in Peterson's Hunting Magazine.  One of my fond "treasures" is an autographed copy of the book Classic Nude Photography, signed by the author, Peter Gowland.  Peter has been in the glamour photography business for many years and well respected for his masterfully done photos.  He has also done many photo shoots of people like Clint Eastwood, and other actors and celebrities.  Peter Gowland's home page

I was helping folks with planting vineyards and looking for wine making equipment when I stumbled across an ad from Doug Welsch looking for a winemaker that knew something about grapes and wine making.  My school was mostly self taught, like Abraham Lincoln, but I was passionate about it.  After emails, the review of my resume, I came to Michigan for an interview and after being hired in September of 1999 I have worked as the Associate Winemaker for Fenn Valley Vineyards.  It's been interesting, and most educational.  I have also applied my skills with computers there and except for the 2 main UNIX servers, I have built all their computers and help to maintain their network, including satellite internet.  You  can find them here: Fenn Valley Vineyards

In late October of 2006, I started getting an interest in the didgeridoo.  I heard the sound on a TV commercial for an automobile, and listened to the sound again on a movie called "Quigley Down Under".  I started looking on the internet for a few sound files.  Now I have almost TOO many. LOL  I  made a didgeridoo on or around November 1, 2006, of PVC.  It was kind of a flop, since I had used 1" PVC, but I was able to drone on it and it was the first thing I droned on.   Later I went on to make some other PVC didgeridoos. Some of them play and sound pretty good, especially considering the price.  I've learned to do circular breathing on the didj in about 3 weeks from making my first one, and I concentrate a lot on the WAL style of playing (Western Arnhem Land).  Check out ididjaustralia on youtube.com sometime and see Darryl Dikarrgna Brown playing the various Magos... terrific stuff!  It is still a challenge to do the WAL vamps and get them right, so I keep practicing!


More will come at a later date.....

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