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This is just a simple page where I have put links to different forum or websites that may be of value to the didgeridoo players. They became part of my favorites!  Also, if there is something VERY interesting it might end up here, although not directly related to didj stuff.


  • Scottieluvr Web Site
    • Pam's website for newsletters, family pictures, updates and also a link to her book reviews.
  • Taurus45ACP
    • Vern's other website featuring more on Taurus  45 ACP pistol, and firearm related links and such. 
  • Kdidj 
    • Quality Aboriginal Art & Instruments  Kyle is a gentlemen and a scholar and a heart as big as Montana sky!  Good source for authentic stuff!
  • PlayDidj software program 
    • Link to an interesting little program called Play Didj.  You download and install this program and listen and learn about the rhythms, sounds, etc.  Not a substitute for a good teacher, but I thought it well worth putting in here near the top!  Comes in different languages as well.
  • Didj Art 
    • Sara J. site  (aka Moondrop) She makes some terrific didgeridoos AND custom paints didjs on request!
  • Serious Sticks 
    • Great folks that have some excellent instruments in Europe and host a forum site (English)  that is both informative and fun!
  • Midwest Tactical Training
    • Skip Coryell and Larry Jackson head up a team of professional instructors for training in Concealed Pistol License qualifications and advanced classes titled  "The Next Step - Beyond Basic CPL".  They are joined by other professionals like Sheriff Dar Leaf of Barry County Michigan in teaching new or experienced pistol/revolver shooters the courses necessary to defend your self and your family.  Skip also is an accomplished author of several books lik "Blood In The Streets" , "We Hold These Truths" along with several others.  You can find these books where fine books are sold, Barnes & Nobel or  as examples.  Do check out their website sometime!
  • Joyous Noise Radio 
    • John and Julie Madill have this delightful website where you can listen to streaming music.OOPS!!  not any more!! Their bandwidth requirements brought an end to the streaming media.  However do check out some of the pages of the didgeridoos that John has made and the info here. John has built some fantastic "Yidaki" style didgeridoos and has some great reading on his site as well as the music.  Good stuff!
  • Bill Hanes Didgeridoos 
    • Bill Hanes makes some marvelous didgeridoos out of fiberglass and sometimes other materials as well.  He makes some very nice musical instruments and well worth a peek at his website!
  • I Didj Australia 
    • Guan Lim's website where you find some of the finest of Yirdaki and Mago instruments available.  The site and store is in Australia, but he is very close to some of the best craftsmen, like Djalu Gurruwiwi and others. He puts some of the finest video examples on You Tube  website under the Ididjaustralia name.  DO check out the videos sometime at youtube  and see some fantastic players!
  • Jdidj 
    • Jason Konopinski's website  our here on the East Coast of good old U.S.A.  Jason has a passion for authentic Australian Aboriginal made instruments and his prices are very competitive.  I'm sure you will enjoy his site and browsing along through his offerings and sound files.
  • John Grove Music Production,Kent, Washington, USA
    • Teacher, performer and host of many links and info on the didgeridoo.  Has "raw" sticks of eucalyptus hollowed out by termites for DYI that want to fashion their own from wood sourced from Australia.
  • The Didgeridoo Tribe 
    • Forum site for "The Didgeridoo Tribe", and a nicer bunch of people you won't find!  What a crew and full of inter sting ideas, and discussions.  A very relaxed atmosphere in here.
  • Ed Drury's Didgeridoo page
    • Music, books, instructions on overtone playing, and what a GREAT bunch of links just at this site.  Ed is also a recording artist and don't forget to check out the songs and song links while you are there.  Ed has interviewed and talked with a large number of didgeridoo players through the years.  Check it out!
  • David Blonski's Page
    • A little of everything here.  David hosts a lot of links, plus tutorial articles, info on Agave and Yucca didgeridoos.
  • Ed Drury on Regional Variations in Instruments
    • Good explanation of the A (WAL) and B (NEAL) type instruments, Western Arnhem Land (WAL)  and North Eastern Arnhem Land (NEAL)
  • Didgeridoo Store and More!
    • Want to find instructional CDs DVDs?  Looking for "Learning to Play the Didgeridoo" with Grahm Doe?  Here is the original site! They also have some very nice eucalyptus didgeridoos along with contemporary "starter" didgeridoos.
  • Yidakiwuy Dhawu Miwatjngurunydja Main Page
    • English singer and didgeridoo player, Randy Graves has helped these North East Arnhem Land people(NEAL), the Yol\u people to give a great introduction and learning page about their culture.  Many pages of learning with actual voice and video embedding at your disposal to give the rest of the world a more meaningful understanding of these very special custodians of the Yidaki.  There are pages with items for sale to increase your knowledge and understanding, as well as your own enjoyment of their music.  It is truly a very unique website, that, after you visit, will heartily agree.
  • Fuzzy's Stuff
    • A Wisconsin guy ( Mark W. Hintz ) that gave me some code and ideas for emails from  Statcounter forums.  Although there is no didgeridoo stuff here, there is a TON of other interesting stuff from various contributors.  I LOVE his optical illusion page! Top of his page is a link back to his main page if you like photos and stuff related to trains, and some pics of various accident scene shots as well. Thanks Mark for the ideas of java script email coding.
  • Inner PeaceSite Main  
    • Down near the bottom 2/3rd of the link page,  you will find a link to some coding for email to circumvent spam robots from harvesting your email and spamming you while still maintaining the same "click to email" approach that web site visitors are used to.  There is also link for Webtools and Page Jumper that provides useful stuff to home web builders.  I've used the technique of the EScramber web link to make the emails in this site work the way they do.
  • Password Protect Folders 
    • Ever wish you could just make a folder protected so that it's content was not messed with or stuff taken off of it when you didn't know?  This site has a pretty straightforward program that gives you the opportunity to do just that.  Protect your work within ANY folder. Check them out sometime!
  • Website Feedback Script Generator 
    •  This site will help you to create a script for inserting into your web pages in the "feedback" htm of your website.  Gives great instructions and pretty much automates the process for you.  Just follow the directions.
    • Our websites, this one,,,   along with  our other domain names,  are hosted by  and I always like passing on a good value, but this is a GREAT value.  Imagine having just one account and hosting and UNLIMITED number of fully hosted domains, each with their own emails,  sub-domain   (if you want),  unlimited email accounts and a whole lot more.. well a whole lot more than these few lines can begin to describe.  Do check them out and see what I'm talking about.  Support is top notch as well.  They are  know their stuff and they are great at getting with you. Plus they have a great forum site, to share ideas and help.
  • Bestheartnuts
    • Our website that is pertaining to growing Heartnuts, Carpathian English Walnuts and some of our other nutty  delights.  SW Michigan seems to be an ideal spot for the growing of these Japanese Walnuts, called Heartnuts.  And, oh are they so good!  They have wonderful mellow nut meats that kind of remind me of a cross between the English Walnut and a Cashew.  The open shells look like hearts as well. *S*
  • WinPatrol
    • If you are using a great Anti Virus software and want some "extra" protection, please please don't pass up taking a look at this link.  Bill Pytlovany, aka BillP Studios, offers a wonderful Anti Spyware, Malware, Key logger detection  program that is complementary to your present Anti Virus program.  Don't venture our on the web without it!  Look at this site and his "About me" page BillP Studios to learn more about Bill and this grand software.
  • Aeris Calendar
    • A Calendar that is much much more!  Keep track of events coming up, note, reminders, as well as WEATHER!.  So many features you just have to take a look at the page.  Want to keep a reminder on a specific date AND have it pop up on your computer when you need reminded?  It will do that, and include sound if you want.  Many themes to choose from so there is always a nice calendar face to view.  Even has some of the pictures I have posted here in the picture gallery.  Great for business or home use, never miss that payment/appointment/birthday/ ?   AGAIN!
  • Ken Rockwell Photography
    • If you do any photography, or contemplate doing photography, you will find an IMMENSE resource of info at his site.  He covers a lot of aspects of photography, including newer digital, all the way up to large format camera.  He has excellent reviews on things just our or recently out regarding photography.  Few web sites will hold your interest for hours concerning the ins and outs of photo and processing as much as Ken Rockwell's site!  It reminded me of going to a museum that you just can't take in all it has to offer in just one day.  If you are anywhere serious about improving your photographic skills then this is the place you SHOULD be clicking!

 How to Register Your Own Domain Name   This page is directly related to the Website Feedback link above and is a very good general read for new webhosts.


 As more links (and time permitting) come about, I'll add to these "links" pages.

Cheers!  And HAVE a greatnut day!






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