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Just a few of the photos taken along the way.  Photographs were taken with Nikon D 50 digital camera w/ Tamron 28-200 XR (IF) Zoom,  except for the "Sam and Turtle" which was shot with a Fuji S9000.

Jo Jo Peterson Mago

This is the first didgeridoo, called a Mago, I bought. Came from around Katherine, Australia. Made by Jo Jo Peterson an Aboriginal craftsman in that area. Played in WAL fashion. Key of D

Vern with FIRST new Mago (didgeridoo)

Here I am, holding my newly acquired Mago from Jason K. My daughter Samantha took the pic. (she is aspiring to be photographer/artist) This is in the key of D.

My homemade "mago" style didgeridoo.

This was a teak didgeridoo, that I removed a LOT of wood from the inside, epoxy coated, and then cut about 5 in off the mouth end. I sanded off all the fake dot artwork, painted in satin matte black, and put simple color bands on it. Plays GREAT now! Plays in WAL fashion.

PVC Didgeridoos

The first didgeridoos I made out of PVC.

Sara J. Playing

Sara playing one of her unique didgeridoos she made and painted. FANTASTIC sounds!!

Sara J.

Sara at one of the last craft shows in SW Michigan. First person I heard playing a didgeridoo live.


Mouthpieces made for 1.5" PVC pipe.

Chimney Rock Panorama

Landmark along the Oregon Trail, near Bayard, NE Done from a 3 photo blend. One of the most mentioned landmarks in Oregon Trail journals.

Haythorn Quarter Horse

One of the many Quarter Horses at Haythorn Ranch north of Ogallala, NE. Nice calendar theme for Aeris Calender at

Vern and Kids

James, Samantha, Me (vern), Niki. While in Denver CO

Prairie Dog

Black Hills, SD

Rick Rittenhouse

My cousin Rick on his ranch N of Lewellen.

Samantha and Grandma Ettie

Samantha with my Grandma Ettie, who is my Mom's sister really. *S*

Haythorn Sign

Sam sitting on fence to entrance of Haythorn Ranch north of Ogallala Nebr. Some 90,000 acres!

Sam at Toadstool Park

Sam sitting on one of the formations left by nature's erosion.

Sam and Turtle

Giant petrified turtle at Reptile Gardens, near Rapid City, SD in the Black Hills.

Sam in Wheat

Samantha standing in wheat south of Sidney NE.

Sam and Bradley

I'm keeping my eye on this one for when she turns 16 and gets her driver's license!

Straw Bales

Nice contrasty bales. Shot taken close to where I grew up on the Warren Barnum Ranch, SW of Crawford, NE Big storm was leaving to the East as the sun peeked under the clouds at sunset behind me.

Toadstool Park

Color picture of one of several shots at Toadstool Park, near Crawford.

Toadstool Park B&W

A black and white rendition from Toadstool Park.

1996 Buick PA with B50 Baldwin Filter

This is a bypass filter I set up on my Buick Park Avenue. I used a Baldwin B50 filter, that filters down around 1 - 2 microns. Oil comes from the sandwich oil filter adapter, across the stabilizer bar, and returns to the oil fill cap. Works GREAT! Check out the dipstick photo!

Dipstick after installing B50 filter

This is the oil on the dipstick of the '96 Buick PA after I installed the Baldwin B50 filter. This oil was changed back in May and has a lot of mileage on it to the date of Aug. 6th when I put the filter in place. It cleaned up the oil that WAS black.

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